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Royal wedding: get your souvenir copies of Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, who has been given the title of The Duchess of Cambridge, kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace (Pic: PA) Image 1 The kiss... Will and Kate share a kiss on their wedding day

It was a day to never forget.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's wonderful wedding will live long in the memory.

Enjoyed by an estimated global audience of two billion, it didn't disappoint.

Two young people in love, the best of British, a sunny day - it had it all.

Now you can cherish those memories with souvenir copies of the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror.

Relive the royal wedding for the rest of your life with our commemorative collection.

For just £5.99 plus postage and packing you will get our Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror royal wedding editions.

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Pippa's bum a hot topic online

But it's not the ceremony, the kisses or even That Dress that have caused the biggest buzz on Facebook and Twitter ? but Pippa Middleton's BOTTOM.

Kate's stunning younger sister, who was maid of honour at yesterday's historic event, emerged as one of the unexpected attractions.

Her perfect derriere even has its own appreciation society on Facebook ? attracting more than 36,000 members in the first 24 hours.

In contrast, only 33,000 people on Facebook "liked" Kate's dress.

Party planner Pippa, 27, who works for her parents' business Party Pieces, has been one of the most popular "trending" topics on Twitter since yesterday.

AS all eyes were on Kate, take a closer look at her stunning bridesmaid sister

Her figure-hugging white dress, designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, wowed the worldwide TV audience of an estimated TWO BILLION.

Comments on the Facebook group have ranged from flattering to ridiculous.

Lynn Norton McLeran wrote: "I just love the way she looked in that dress. It would make a lovely wedding gown all by itself."

Meanwhile Steve Torrie wrote that Pippa's rear is "like two skinny otters fighting to get out of a sack".

Andy Waters called Pippa's role "the highlight of the day, without a doubt".

Fashion blog even published an article entitled "In Praise of Pippa (Especially Her Bum)".

Her bum has even become one of the top search suggestions on Google.

Simply typing "Pippa" brings up the search recommendation: "Pippa Middleton a***".

Best man Prince Harry couldn't resist trying his luck with the bride's sister yesterday, whispering: "You do look very beautiful today ? seriously."

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World tunes in for Kate and Wills

People turned out across Britain's streets, squares, pubs and churches to hold a variety of bashes.

And because of the Royals' popularity overseas - millions of people across the globe were glued to their screens to watch the nuptials.

Royalists in South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and China all flocked to celebrate the wedding.

In New Zealand, they celebrated the Kiwi godmother to Kate Middleton's father and in Hong Kong, there was Chinese-language TV commentary from a well-known wedding designer.

In India - once the jewel of the British empire - they sat transfixed in front of millions of televisions.

The Hindustan Times, one of India's largest-circulation English-language newspapers, had an entire page of glowing stories about the Royal couple.

British troops in Afghanistan gathered round televisions to catch the Royal spectacle - and a team of British scientists battled 40mph winds and freezing conditions to toast the newlyweds at the South Pole.

Even crew members at the International Space Station (ISS) sent the Royal couple a congratulatory message.

Members of the Russian-US-Italian crew wished the British Royal couple a happy life and said they will also celebrate in space.

At Tsinghua University in China nearly 200 couples tied the knot at a collective wedding ceremony that coincided with Kate and Wills' big day.

But the biggest parties were reserved for back home in the UK.

Several hundred gathered in the sun in Manchester city centre, turning an open-air event into a blaze of colour as the wedding was shown on a big screen.

Well-wishers, young and old, were decked out in red, white and blue, shouting and waving Union flags.

As the Royal couple were pronounced man and wife, a huge cheer erupted.

Gill Armstrong and her husband David, from Preston, Lancs, brought their two children, Joseph, aged 18 months, and Ruby, aged four, to the event.

Gill said: "We have come down to Manchester because there was nothing going on in Preston and we wanted to watch it on the big screen. It is too nice a day to watch indoors."

Elaine Lowe, 22, from Manchester, who came with a group of friends to watch the event in the city, said: "The rain has held off, the sun is out and we are all having a great day.

"Kate looks stunning and her wedding dress is fabulous. What's not to like about today?"

Joe Atkins, 27, also from Manchester, added: "I thought I would come and show support and the atmosphere here has been great. I wish them both well. It's a great day for the whole nation."

Scarlett Smith, 23, and Chloe Kerr, 22, both from Manchester, and Elle Davies, 22, and Lara Richards, 22, both from London, were each dressed in identical skimpy dresses emblazoned with Union flag sequins.

The four Liverpool John Moores University graduates decided to meet up at the event in Spinningfields, Manchester, for a reunion and to celebrate the Royal wedding.

Ms Smith joked: "We wanted to dress up and show our grandchildren what we were wearing on the big day."

Ms Davies said: "We got here at 8am and thought everybody would be dressed up - but we were the first! We've had a few comments but everybody has been complimentary.

"We've even had some French people taking photos of us."

Ms Richards said: "I got quite emotional when I saw Kate and William. I said 'Oh it's a love story!'.

"We don't get much of a chance to be patriotic as well, so today is a great occasion."

In Somerset, hundreds of people gathered on the Grand Pier in Weston-super-Mare to watch the marriage ceremony.

The pier was gutted by fire in 2008, reopening late last year.

Its owner, Kerry Michael, said: "It is buzzing here. The atmosphere is electric. The first people got here at around 6am for a champagne breakfast. By nine there were hundreds here."

In Exeter, celebrity chef Michael Caines was hosting the Exeter Festival of South West Food and Drink in the grounds of the city's castle, where 2,000 guests stopped to watch proceedings on a 25 square metre screen.

Mr Caines, who has two Michelin stars for his restaurant at Gidleigh Park in Devon, said the atmosphere was "amazing" at the event, with many wedding-themed products.

One company, Just Us Organic, produced a sausage called William's Wiener, in honour of the groom.

Mr Caines said that the wedding ceremony was not the only thing going smoothly this morning - the kitchens where the food was being prepared for the reception would be a hive of organised activity.

He said: "Timing will be everything, to get all the food to the reception hot at the same time.

"There is a lot of pressure on the chef but they will be working with military precision right now."

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Streetscapes | Upper Fifth Avenue: Way Uptown in Hospital Country

The northern limit of mansion building was a topic of concern after Andrew Carnegie built his big house at 91st Street in 1903. In 1913 The Real Estate Record and Guide predicted that Mount Sinai, then held in check between 100th and 101st Streets, would form the barrier. Any hospital, it said, was “objectionable to the best type of private families.”

The mansion builders didn’t go past 96th, and apartment house construction swept up Fifth Avenue in the 1920s — but how far up was again the question. In 1924 Arthur Brisbane, a columnist for the Hearst newspapers, bought the northeast corner of Fifth and 102nd, a block north of the hospital. His initial purpose is not clear, but The New York Times predicted that a garage would be erected on the site. Simultaneously, Mr. Brisbane was developing the Ritz Tower, at Park Avenue and 57th Street.

Notwithstanding The Times’s suggestion of an impending garage, in 1926 the developer Nathan Raisler built 1212 Fifth Avenue at the south corner of 102nd. A Romanesque thing of brownish brick and terra cotta, it is nothing remarkable, with apartments more modest than in the usual Park or Fifth Avenue type of building. Then, in 1928, Mr. Brisbane hired Schultze & Weaver, hotel specialists, to design the medieval-style 1215 Fifth Avenue, with its agreeable contrast of light masonry and caramel-colored brick, on his plot on 102nd.

A year later, the developer Joseph Ravitch retained Emery Roth to put up 1200 Fifth, a pleasant beige brick design with some Classical engaged columns and a colossal roof tank house, at the 101st Street corner. By this time, the adventurous three were boxed in by Mount Sinai to the south and the New York Academy of Medicine to the north.

At 1200 Fifth, the tenants included Walter Hochschild, an industrialist whose penthouse had an outdoor dance floor. One of his neighbors was Walter Seligman, who worked as a laborer in Montana before joining his family’s long-established banking house. Interior photographs of the Seligman apartment are on the new photograph Web site of the Museum of the City of New York. A third resident was Philip Truex, an actor who played the much-traveled corpse central to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1955 movie “The Trouble With Harry.”

Allen W. Dulles lived at 1212. In 1926 he had been a rising diplomat when he left the Foreign Service, saying that he could not live on $8,000 per year. He then came to New York and joined the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell. He returned to government work in the 1940s, became head of the C.I.A. in the 1950s and was a key influence in the 1961 invasion of Cuba, known as the Bay of Pigs.

Mr. Brisbane moved into 1215 Fifth Avenue, taking a triplex at the top befitting a star columnist who ultimately earned $260,000 a year. His aerie had 30 rooms with 7 fireplaces, 18 baths and a private entrance on Fifth leading to his own elevator.

He was an early 20th-century Tweeter, writing short, aphoristic columns, with simple observations like: “Who makes the drunkard? His enemies? No. The drunkard is made by his friends.” (That’s only 64 characters.) He wrote on nudists, Upton Sinclair, Hitler, the Jewish New Year, crime in Oklahoma, the Paris stock market and hundreds of other subjects. The Times said he had 30 million followers, which is what we once called readers. (His grandson Arthur S. Brisbane is now the public editor of The Times.)

In the three Fifth Avenue buildings, as with others of their class, black people had a minuscule presence; the 1930 census records only two, both housemaids. But in 1954 the magazine Jet said 1200 Fifth had become the “ultra-ritzy residence of Harlem’s top-drawer society,” mentioning Dr. George Cannon, a radiologist and civil rights activist, and Juanita Hall, the actress who played Bloody Mary in “South Pacific” beginning in 1949.

Marian Anderson moved into 1200 in the 1950s. She was the first African-American to sing at the Metropolitan Opera, performing in Verdi’s “Ballo in Maschera” in 1955.

The Brisbane building, 1215, was converted to co-ops years ago. Mr. Brisbane’s apartment has been subdivided, but his sealed-off private elevator shaft is visible on rental plans of the building. When 1200 was converted to co-ops in 2006, studios started at $767,000, two-bedroom apartments at $3 million. If there was a discount for location, it was not much.

By the 1970s, Mount Sinai owned 1212 Fifth Avenue. The 1926 building was recently gutted and rebuilt as condominiums, a joint venture of the hospital and Durst Fetner Residential. As part of the deal, the developer is constructing a residential building for Mount Sinai’s use on an adjacent site on 101st Street.

The hospitals are closing in on this little outpost.


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Pippa Middleton's bum: Watch funny Royal Wedding music mash-up of her best bottom bits

Pippa Middleton's bottom is set to become a massive YouTube hit after jokers posted this cheeky music mash-up on the internet.  

Set to the song Shake Ya Ass by Mystikal, the video highlight's Pippa's best bottom moments from the Royal Wedding.

In one clip it appears as though a clergyman is nodding in approval of Pippa's derriere.

Pippa's bum already has its own Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The Twitter account, @pippasass, which was set up on the day of the wedding, is dedicated to the maid of honour's rear and has just under 800 followers.  

It's first tweet after the Royal Wedding read: 'Wow what a wedding. What did people think of my Bum? #royalwedding #pippsarse.'

Pippa caused a real stir with her bridesmaid dress and a Facebook group praising her assets has already attracted more than 10,000 fans.

The Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society is full of fans extolling the virtues of Prince William's sister-in-law.

While many of the comments are crude, one fan wrote simply: "I GET IT! this is why everybody was excited bout the wedding!"

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